Have you ever been in the middle of creating a project and needed to import a template, but you are running into a problem? Well, while I was creating my project, I needed to do just that. In the process of doing so I ran into an issue trying to import a project using a template that was already created. Come to find out the template I was using wasn’t actually a template. If it were a template, it would have had .storytemplate as the file extension and not just “.story”.
I converted the “story” to a template, and it worked like a charm. In the mix of troubleshooting my issue before realizing the file extension was wrong for template, I ran across this support topic and thought I would share it with you for instances where SL may be malfunctioning.

POSSIBLE FILE CORRUPTION WHEN IMPORTING ORIGINAL PROJECT INTO A NEW TEMPLATE:  It’s possible that a file can get corrupted while in the process of importing the original project to the new template. Recommend doing a simple repair that usually fixes the issue. Please follow the steps in this link fix it. Storyline 360: How to Fix Unexpected or Erratic Behavior – Articulate Support

Use these troubleshooting steps if Storyline 360 is malfunctioning or performing erratically. (8 kB)

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